drink more coffee in Palm Springs.

Welcome to Ernest Coffee.

Palm Springs' only independent coffee shop serving Stumptown.

In 1953 Don the Beachcomber's tiki restaurant opened in this very space where we now serve you delicious coffee every morning. We named our coffee shop after this legend’s given birth name, Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, celebrating the founding father of tiki restaurants and bars while serving you honest and delicious Stumptown coffee to get your day started. The original tiki torches still stand tall above our front door and inspire us to continue the decades-in-the-making tradition of creating a vibrant, inspired space for people to come together and have a great time!

Ernest Coffee is open from 6am to 7pm seven days a week serving up Stumptown Coffee with oat, almond and coconut milk as dairy alternatives.

Come and enjoy your favorite beverage in our open airy space or catch some rays on our south facing patio boasting some amazing mountain views.

Ernest Coffee. Serious coffee... seriously.

Ernest Coffee logo - coffee sticks
Sample menu and pricing text
Server making a coffee
Iced coffee and chocolate pastry
Server making an espresso
Espresso coffee with a swirly pastry
Espresso coffee with a bagel
Iced drink
Coffee and a pastry
Four chocolate cookies
Espresso coffee with tart
Espresso coffee with leaf art
Ernest outside patio
T-shirt with Ernest Coffee's logo

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Our mission is simple:
to serve our friends and community delicious, quality refreshments and bites in an inspired environment that brings you back day after day.